Far Eastern Basin Branch News

Compulsory Regulations in Vostochny Seaport Amended

By order No. 364 of the Ministry of transport of Russia dated December 16, 2015 amendments, approved by order No. 10 of Ministry of Transport of Russia dated January 11, 2011, have been introduced to the Compulsory Regulations in Vostochny seaport.

In particular, adjustments are related to the revision of quantity of moorings in Vostochny seaport, as well as a reduction in the number of anchorages, where the vessels are moved to conduct epidemic control measures if on board the vessel a patient  manisfests potential symptoms of a particularly dangerous disease.

In addition, the list of places designed for performing loading operations on loading and unloading of  oils and oil-based products from ship to ship in Vostochny seaport, has been supplemented by the “Vostochny-1” area.

For reference:
The Far Eastern Basin Branch provides ships moored at anchorages and roadstead transshipment complexes in Vostochny seaport, the following services:
VTS navigation services;
pilotage services;
ecological services;
towage services;
crew boat services.

More detailed information on terms and conditions for provision of the corresponding services by the Far Eastern Basin Branch in Vostochny seaport, can be found in the section “Far Eastern Basin Branch Services".