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Nakhodka Seaport Boundaries Amended

By Government of Russia Regulation No. 2307-r dated 12.11.2015 (ссылка) the boundaries of Nakhodka Seaport waters were amended.
According to the document, two areas – a part of Nakhodka Gulf of Japan Sea (berth at Cape Shefner) and a part of Nakhodka Bay of Japan Sea (berth at Cape Astafyev) – were excluded from of Nakhodka Seaport waters, as they were granted to the Border Directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia for 20-year designated use for national security purposes.
For information:
The Far Eastern Basin Branch uses 2 water bodies in Nakhodka Seaport with the total size of more than 0.002 square kilometres, which makes almost 0.002 % of the total seaport waters size.