Far Eastern Basin Branch News

Far-Eastern Basin Branch Fleet Enlarged

On 8 March 2015 two ice class workboats Sergey Cherednichenko and Nord were delivered to Vladivostok seaport 08 марта 2015 by «Fredensborg». The boats had been built in 2014 by FSUE “Rosmorport” order at a Russian shipyard.

This class of vessels possesses such advantages as increased speed which will allow to deliver pilots in shorten period and up-to-date navigation equipment able to work in any weather conditions. Due to their ice class Sergey Cherednichenko and Nord motorboats can work on small floes.

The Far-Eastern Basin Branch, which accepted the vessels, is planning to use Sergey Cherednichenko workboat in Vladivostok seaport and Nord workboat in Vostochnyi seaport to:
- deliver state government representatives and crew on boards of vessels;
- examine waters of corresponding seaports and perform their ecological monitoring;
- deliver pilots of the Far-Eastern Basin Branch to/from vessels, perform pilotage services;
- to achieve other goals of the Branch.

For information:
Both motor boats of ST23WI project were constructed at OJSC “Okskaya Shipyard” (Navashino city, Russia) in 2014.

Sergey Cherednichenko workboat was named after Sergey Vasilyevich Cherednichenko – former Head of Vladivostok seaport Administration, honored worker of transport of the Russian Federation who made a great contribution creation of the system of port state control aimed at safe navigation provision in the seaports of Primorye Territory.

The course which is followed by the vessels calling into Nakhodka bay gave name to the second workboat – Nord.

The main technical characteristics of the vessels:

Vessel class: КМ Iсe2 R3 Aut3 HSC (Ice up to 5 knots);
Overall length: 23.9 m;
Overall width: 6.3 m;
Amidships depth: 3 m;
Overall draft: 1.8 m;
Light displacement: 87 tons;
Fuel distance: 300 miles;
Speed in open water,
16.5 knots;
Maximum passengers: 12 per.;
Crew: 2 per.