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Compulsory Regulations in Posyet Seaport Changed

By Mintrans of Russia Order dated 11.09.2014 No. 247 the Compulsory Regulations in Posyet seaport established by Mintrans of Russia Order dated 19.10.2012 No. 379 have been changed.

The amendments relate to the necessity of establishing safe navigation regulations for heavy-tonnage vessels at the second harbor transshipment complex “Slavianka-2” in Posyet seaport located in the Slavic Bay.

Earlier Mintrans of Russia Order dated 17.03.2014 No. 70 amended Compulsory Regulations in Posyet seaport regarding safe navigation assurance for heavy-tonnage vessels at “Slavianka” harbor transshipment complex.

At “Slavianka-2” harbor transshipment complex, as in the case of “Slavianka” harbor transshipment complex, there will be work on oil discharge/loading and/or oil products and on containers loading/discharge from the vessels according to «board-to-board» system.

New revision of the Compulsory Regulations in Posyet seaport specifies the “Slavianka-2” harbor transshipment complex borders coordinates in the seaport waters, gives information on technical facilities regarding vessels acceptance, and also specifies regulations of vessels navigation and moorage within the given harbor transshipment complex.

It was necessary to build two additional harbor transshipment complexes in Posyet seaport because of the generation change of heavy-tonnage vessels calling into the seaport.

“Slavianka-2” harbor transshipment complex provides services for the vessels with length of up to 400 meters and draft of up to 15 meters.
For information:
The Far Eastern Basin Branch provides pilotage services at the “Slavianka” marine terminal. More information about procedures and conditions of these services provision can be found in the section “Pilotage services of the Far Eastern Basin Branch” .