Far Eastern Basin Branch News

Land Plot Reclassification

By the Government of Russia order dated 03.07.2014 No. 1223-r the land plot with the area of 957.6 square meters in Dunay village of Primorye Region was transmitted from the reserve lands class to the class of the lands of industry, electric power, transport, communications, radio broadcasting, television, information, lands for ensuring outer space activity, lands of defense and security, and lands of other special designation for the use of the Sysoev Cape remote radar station facilities.
At the land plot, which is going to be used by the Vladivostok Branch on a leasehold basis, the Sysoev Cape radar station facilities are located. This radar post is a part of the Nakhodka Bay VTS which is a sub center of the Peter the Great Bay regional VTS.
The Sysoev Cape radar station, consisting of the complex and technological modules, as well as the radio tower, is designed to monitor shipping and increase the navigation safety in the Ussuri Bay and at the approaches to Vladivostok Seaport. 
With the use of the Nakhodka Bay VTS, which apart from the Sysoev Cape radar station includes three more radar posts, control is maintained over the vessel traffic and their location on the berth, as well as the transmission to the vessels of navigational, weather, operation and other information, organization of vessel traffic and providing navigational assistance.
By the end of 2013 the enterprise had provided navigational services with the use of the Nakhodka Bay VTS to almost 49 thousands vessel that had made calls to Nakhodka and Vostochny seaports.