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Compulsory Regulations in Posyet Seaport Amended

By Ministry of Transport of Russia order dated 17.03.2014 No. 70 the Compulsory Regulations in Posyet Seaport approved by Ministry of Transport of Russia order dated 19.10.2012 No. 379 were amended.

The amendments were made in order to establish rules for provision of navigation safety of large tonnage vessels with the length of 400 metres and the draught of 15 metres at the Slavyanka transshipment complex in the Posyet Seaport water area for performance of oil, oil products and container transshipment to/from vessels according to the “board-board” scheme.

The new edition of Compulsory Regulations in Posyet seaport contains coordinates of the boundaries of the Slavyanka transshipment complex and information on its technical capacities regarding reception of vessels, and also specifies the rules for navigation and mooring of vessels within the boundaries of this transshipment complex.
For information:

Vladivostok Branch disposes of 3 berths in Posyet Seaport, which includes areas in Posyet Bay, Slavyanka Bay and Naezdnik Bay. The total length of their berth walls is 495 metres, which makes 35% of the total number of berths in Posyet Seaport.

The total transshipment volume at the berths of the Vladivostok Branch in Posyet Seaport in 2013 exceeded 4.1 million tons, which makes almost 74 % of the total transshipment volume in the seaport.