Far Eastern Basin Branch News

New Compulsory Regulations in Olga Seaport approved

By Ministry of Transport of Russia order dated 07.11.2013 No. 344 new Compulsory Regulations in Olga Seaport have been approved. They are to become effective within 10 days from the date of their official publication.
The Compulsory Regulations in Olga Seaport stipulate: 
- rules for port calls and exits of vessels and rules of navigation in the water area of Olga Seaport;
- rules for mooring of vessels in the seaport with indication of their berths;
- rules for provision of environmental safety and quarantine in the seaport; 
- rules for the usage of special communication devices in the territory and water area of the seaport.
Also the Compulsory Regulations in Olga Seaport contain information about:
- depths of the seaport; 
- handling dangerous cargo; 
- transmission of information by masters of vessels staying in the seaport in case of threat of illegal intrusive activities in the seaport; 
- transmission of navigation and weather information to masters of vessels staying in the seaport,
and other information on the description of Olga Seaport and its technical capacities regarding admission of vessels. 
In comparison with the previously existing Compulsory Regulations in Olga Sea Trade Port, and the adjacent port points of Plastun, Rudnaya Pristan and Svetlaya in Vladimir Bay approved by the Administration of Vladivostok Seaport in 2004,  the new document complies with the unified requirements to the structure and contents of compulsory regulations in the seaports of the Russian Federation approved by the Ministry of Transport of Russia.
For information:
The FSUE “Rosmorport” Vladivostok Branch provides the following services in Olga Seaport:
- towing services;
- crew boats services;
- services on provision of vessels for boom setting/removal;
- hotel services.