Far Eastern Basin Branch News

Restricted swimming areas establishment

With a view to provide security measures for the ATES-2012 Summit Ministry of Transport by the Order № 77 of 26.03.2012 established restricted swimming areas in Vladivostok, Amur and Ussuri bays.

These restrictions will effect since August, 25 till Septenber, 11.

Moorage and movement of any kind of vessels will be restricted in stated areas. Exceptions will apply to vessels used in the ATES-2012 Summit events and to local transporting vessels bounding on schedule for Novik and Slavyanka bays, Bezverkhovo, Peschaniy and Churkin capes, Popova and Rejneke islands.

During the ATES-2012 Summit FSUE "Rosmorport" Vladivostok branch will operate piloting and towing services for the vessels in Vladivostok seaport.