Far Eastern Basin Branch Property

     To accomplish the activities, specified in the FSUE “Rosmorport” Vladivostok Branch Regulations, the Branch disposes of the property in the seaports of Nakhodka, Olga, Posyet, Vladivostok, Vostochny, and Zarubino.
     As of 01.10.2022 the Far Eastern Basin Branch fixed assets are: 1,459 objects of personal assets and 266 objects of real assets.
     224 units of the total number the Far Eastern Basin Branch real estate are stationary objects, as hydrotechnical structures, buildings and constructions, and 42 units are the branch's vessels.
     In accordance with the requirements stated by the Decree of the Government of Russia dated 16.07.2007 № 447 "On improvement of the Federal property accounting", information about the property of the Far Eastern Basin Branch is included in the Federal Property Register.
     The Far Eastern Basin Branch property is located at leased and actually usable land plots of total area of 75.8 ha, including the territory of the seaports of Nakhodka, Olga, Posyet, Vladivostok, Vostochny abd Zarubino.
     In order to place the branch's facilities and perform activities related to construction and reconstruction of hydraulic structures, the Far Eastern Basin Branch uses 0.16 square metres of surface water facilities located in the seaport of Vostochny.