Development of Port Infrastructure Facilities and Fleet of the Far Eastern Basin Branch

Completed investment projects of the Vladivostok Branch
Planned and current investment projects of the Vladivostok Branch



Completed investment projects of the Vladivostok Branch

     Implementation of federal investment programs and capital investments programs is one of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Vladivostok Branch major activities, aimed at development of sea ports of Vladivostok, Olga and Posyet infrastructure and other port objects in Primorye Territory.
     Since 2005 the Vladivostok Branch carried out several investments projects as a developer customer: 

     Sea port of Vladivostok
     In 2003 the Berth No. 15 of 210 metres total length was capitally reconstructed. The application of new repair works production technology, developed by NPO Port, CC and DNIIMF Project Institute, enabled the Vladivostok Branch specialists to expand the berth's functionality to 15-20 years.
     In 2004 the Berth No. 14 of 210 metres total length was capitally reconstructed on the similar technology in purpose to expand it's service life.
     In 2005 the Berth No. 16 of 320.8 metres total length was capitally reconstructed on the similar technology in purpose to expand it's service life.
     In 2008 the Berth No. 13 of 265 metres total length was capitally reconstructed on the similar technology in purpose to expand it's service life.
     In 2009 capital repairs of cargo and passenger Berths No.1 and No. 2 of 508.9 metres total length was completed. A groove-and-tongue edging and a superstructure were installed at the sheet piling. A superstructure was changed at the massif wall and it's upper course was protected by concrete. New reflecting and mooring means (including wheel-reflecting beam) were installed. These activities enabled to expand berths' functionality to 40 years.
     In 2012 Berths No. 3 and No. 4 of 1.5 mln tons per year total transshipment capacity set in operation after reconstruction. New berth wall of 291.4 metres was constructed of steel elements of 15 metres diameter and depth. The new 25 sq.m area warehouse area was formed. In the framework of preparation of the Vladivostok sea facade for APEC-2012, the Vladivostok Branch conducted capital reconstruction of berths No. 5, No. 6 and the monolith part of berth No.7 in the seaport of Valdivostok, with overall length of 521 meters, without their removal from operation, in order to bring techincal and operational characteristics and the appearance of the berths to a proper condition.

     Sea port of Olga
     In 2009 capital repairs of all-purpose Berths No. 2 and No. 3 was completed. Repair works were carried out in purpose to restore soil impenetrability of the sheet piling and to reconstruct berths' superstructure. This enabled to expand berths' service life to 15-20 years.

     In 2013 new objects of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System within the sea area A2 at the sea terminal Plastun of the Olga sea port were put into service. These objects will promote increase of the navigation in Sea of Japan security level along Russian cost from the Posyet Bay to Zolotoy Cape since all the coastwise sea areas will be under the effect of GMDSS facilities.



Planned and current investment projects of the Vladivostok Branch


     At present, the FSUE “Rosmorport” Vladivostok Branch, implementing Federal target program named “The Russian Federation transport system development (2010-2015)” as well as it’s own investments programs on port infrastructure development, is going to realize the following project:

     - construction of a moorage berth near Morozov Cape in the sea port of Posyet. Realization of this project will enable the Vladivostok Branch to improve conditions for the Branch's tug fleet, used for towage services provision in the sea port. Within the framework of the project, on 20 March 2013 the public hearings were held on the project environmental impact and the favorable conclusions were got. At the moment, the project documentation drafting is near completion in order to consider all the environmental requirements. After the work is over the project documentation will be presented to the State ecological appraisal revision in accordance with established order and then to the State appraisal revision. If favorable conclusion is get the beginning of construction is planned at 2014.