North-Eastern Basin Branch News

Boundaries of the seaport of Vanino expanded

In accordance with the Government of Russia Resolution dated 14.02.2024 No. 338-r, it was decided to expand the boundaries of the seaport of Vanino.

The decision was made in order to create artificial land plots designed to accommodate capital construction facilities that are part of the Port Elga coal marine terminal near Cape Manorsky with a design capacity of up to 30 million tons per year and are infrastructure facilities of the seaport of Vanino.

The artificial land plots that are being created will be classified as industrial, energy, transport, communications, radio broadcasting, television, computer science lands, lands for space activities, defense, security lands and other special purpose lands with the “water transport” type of permitted use.

Earlier, in October 2023, the Government of Russia made a decision to include land plots and plots intended for the construction of a coal terminal in the boundaries of the territory of the seaport of Vanino.