North-Eastern Basin Branch News

Fleet of the North-Eastern Basin Branch replenished with the Vostok ship-towing tug

In accordance with the FSUE “Rosmorport” order, the tugboat Vostok, which had been operated by the Far Eastern Basin Branch, was transferred to the North-Eastern Basin Branch.

The tugboat Vostok is a steel single-deck twin-screw vessel with two adjustable pitch propellers in rotating separately controlled nozzles, an engine room in the middle part and a two-tier superstructure with a navigation bridge offset to the bow.

The main distinctive feature of the vessel is its ability to carry out operations on bringing in, floating out, relocation and mooring of large-tonnage sea vessels of all types in the water areas of seaports, in ice conditions as well. The tugboat provides stress on hook of up to 14 tons during towage.

The Vostok ship-towing tug will replace the out-of-service Khasanets ship-towing tug and will be used by the North-Eastern Basin Branch to provide towage and crew boats services in the seaports of Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan.

For more information on terms and procedure for the provision of towage and crew boats services by the North-Eastern Basin Branch in the seaports of Vanino and Sovetskaya Gavan, see “Towage Services of the North-Eastern Basin Branch” and “Crew Boats Services of the North-Eastern Basin Branch”.

For reference:

The Vostok tugboat was built in 1983 at the Gorokhovets Shipyard (town of Gorokhovets, Russia).

Main technical characteristics of the vessel:

Class of the vessel: КМL1 R2 Tug
Length: 29.3 m
Width: 8.3 m
Hull height: 4.3 m
Draft: 3.09 m
Gross tonnage: 184
Area of navigation: limited R2
Sea endurance: 5 days (fuel reserves)
Stress on hook: 14 tons
Main propulsion power: 2 х 441 kW (2 х 600 house power)
Rate of sailing: 9 knots
Crew: 3 people