North-Eastern Basin Branch News

The North-Western Basin Branch takes part in the All-Russian campaign “Rays of Victory”

The FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch took part in the All-Russian action “Rays of Victory”, which took place on August 9, 2023 in St. Petersburg.

The patriotic action was organized in memory of those who gave their lives struggling for freedom and independence of the Motherland.

The action was held onboard six icebreakers of FSUE “Rosmorport”: Kapitan Nikolaev, Kapitan M.Izmailov, Mudyug, Kapitan Kosolapov, Vladivostok and Murmansk, where on August 9 at 23:30 searchlights illuminated the night sky over St. Petersburg.

The searchlights of the icebreakers that illuminated the darkness of the night have today become a symbol of continuing life and a tribute of gratitude to the heroes who defended the country, as well as to those who rebuilt and established a peaceful life after the war.