North-Eastern Basin Branch News

Anatoly Klimov workboat provided transportation of specialists, equipment and rigging in the seaport of De-Kastri during a complex raid transshipment operation

In June-July 2023, Anatoly Klimov workboat of the North-Eastern Basin Branch of FSUE “Rosmorport” was specially hold from the seaport of Vanino to perform traveling work during a unique raid transshipment operation implemented by Combi Lift Rus, LLC, and the FESCO transport group.

In the seaport of De-Kastri, transshipment of large-sized heavy equipment for the Amur Gas Chemical Complex under construction was carried out from sea vessels equipped with powerful crane installations to barges.

Anatoly Klimov workboat was involved to deliver specialists, equipment and rigging, which is necessary for the successful implementation of the project, from the shore to the place of the raid overload.

The workboat has made more than 230 regular voyages and made a significant contribution to the preparation and successful completion of a unique transshipment operation.

Author of the video: Alexandr Kornilov