Vanino Branch News

Vanino Branch takes part in open sports and athletic contest of workers of the seaport of Vanino

For the first time a sports team of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Vanino Branch has taken part in an open sports and athletic contest of workers of the seaport of Vanino.

The competitions in ping-pong, darts, rifle and pistol shooting, swimming, volleyball and futsal involved six sports teams of the seaport’s workers.

Based on the results of the competitions held in an uncompromising thrilling atmosphere the team of the Vanino Branch took first places for rifle and pistol shooting and swimming, second places in ping-pong and futsal and third place in the darts competition.

The team of the Vanino Branch took second place in the team classification by gaining equal scores with a team which won the competitions, but was at a disadvantage in the number of first places in the overall score of the contest.

The organizers of the competitions gave awards to winners of the contest – they gave cups and certificates of participation to the sports team of the Vanino Branch.

Those who cheered for their teams and the participants in the contest noted the high level of the organization of the contest aimed at developing amateur sport, promoting healthy life and strengthening corporate spirit of workers of the seaports of Vanino.