North-Eastern Basin Branch News

Dredger "Kaymaani" sank in the port of Vanino

On August, 18th, 2010 at 4:30 local time in the port of Vanino catamaran-type dredger "Kaymaani" (ship-owner FSUE "Rosmorport"), having settled for more than five years at berth № 18, took a heel about 45o at the left side. The engine room of the left pontoon was filled with water. The left pontoon and a part of the pilot house were flooded.

To prevent  pollution with oils from the vessel by the forces of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Vaninsky branch alongside with the Vaninsky unit of Sakhalin Basin Search-and-Rescue Department (FSUE "Sakh BASS") a slick bar was set round the semiflooded vessel. The site of oil spill had been processed with a petrosorbent that was later collected and transferred to recycling at chemical processing station "Severnaya" of the Vaninsky branch. As a result of the operative actions the pollution of water area of port Vanino didn't occur.

At present the Vaninsky unit of FSUE "Sakh BASS" implements works on ship raising of dredger "Kaymaani".