North-Western Basin Branch Structure

     Senior Management
     Pilotage Service 
       - Dispatcher Office
     Fleet Service 
       - Mechanics Instructors
       - Fleet Assessment and Planning Department 
       - Fuel Operation Department 
       - Marine Agent Department 
     Communication and Electric Radio-Navigation Service 
       - Radio-electronics and Radio Navigational Systems Operation Department 
       - Global Maritime Distress & Safety System (GMDSS) Department 
       - Communication Network, Switching Systems and Warning Systems Department 
       - Department of Regional Data Navigation Supervision System in the North-West, Local Computer Network and Regional Navigation Security System Data Bases 
       - Radio-Electronics Official Registration and Accounting Department 
       - Energy and Economic Support Department 
       - VTS Maintenance Department 
     Regional VTS Service 
       - Port and Coastal VTS 
       - Technical Operations Department 
         • Raskat Center Operating Group 
         • Primorsk VTS Operating Group
       - Subcenter of Port VTS
       - Primorsk Port VTS
       - VTS Post in Passenger Port
     Instructors Group 
     Capital Construction and Repairs Service 
       - Capital Construction and Repairs Department 
       - Technical Department 
     Department of Cost Accounting and Analytics 
     Fairways and Environment Service 
       - Fairways Maintenance and Development Department 
       - Navigation Situation Department 
       - Depth Control Group 
     Senior Power Engineer
     Accounting Office 
     Planning-Economic Department
     Financial Department
     Investment Projects Department 
     Legal Department
     State Property Management Department
     Insurance and Claims Activities Group
     Tender Service
       - Procurement Organization Department
       - Department for Provision of Fleet Technical Management
     General Department
     Security Service
      - Security Department 
        • Seskar Island Security Sector 
        • Gogland Island Security Sector 
        • The Seaport of Vyborg-Vysotsk Security Group 
        • The Seaport of Ust-Luga Security Group 
     Data Protection Department
     Classified Department 
     Mobilization Training Service 
       - Mobilization Training Sector 
       - Civil Defense Sector 
       - Country Storehouse in the Seaport of Ust-Luga 
     HR Department  
     Salary and Personnel Department
     Labor Protection Department 
     Fire Security Department
       - Contract and Technical Support Department
       - Software Department
       - System Administration Department
     PR Department
     Vehicle Maintenance Service
     Maintenance Department 
       - Economical Supply Group 
       - Premises Maintenance Group 
       - Supply Group 
     Administrative Office

     Vyborg-Vysotsk Department of the North-Western Basin Branch 

     Senior Management
       - Administrative Staff
     Pilotage Service 
     Vysotsk Port VTS
       - Emergency Response Team 
     Capital Construction and Repairs Group 
     Transport Support Group 
     Fairways and Environment Group in the Seaport of Vysotsk 
     Communication and Electric Radio-Navigation Department 

     Kaliningrad Department of the North-Western Basin Branch

     Senior Management 
     Pilotage Service 
     Technical Monitoring of Water Area Department
     VTS Service 
       - Baltiysk VTS Central Post 
     Sea Canal Service 
       - Navigational Aids Maintenance Group 
       - Depth Control Group 
     Road-And-Rail Ferry Complex Operation service 
       - Stevedore Group 
       - Cargo Storehouse 
       - Bill of Lading Group 
       - Railway Operations Group 
       - Linkspan Maintenance Group 
       - Complex Maintenance Group 
       - Sewage and Boiler House Maintenance Group 
       - Economical Supply Group
     Commercial Department  
     Directorate for the construction of an international terminal for cruise and passenger vessels
       - Engineering supervision Group
       - Budget estimate group
       - Production and technical group
     Capital Construction Department 
     Project and Cost Accounting Activities Sector
     Port Facilities Technical Operation and Repairs Department
     Fleet Technical Operation Department
       - Vessels
     Instructors Group 
     Environment Protection Group 
     Senior Power Engineer Department 
     Communication and Electric Radio-Navigation Department 
       - Communication Department
       - GMDSS Department
       - VTS Technical Support Department
     IT and Software Department 
     Accounting Office
       - Business Record Group
     Planning and Economic Department 
     State Property Management Department 
     Procurement Sector   
     Legal Department
     Labor Protection 
     Mobilization Training And State Secret Protection Group
     Classified Department
     Fire Protection Sector
     Department of Transport Security
     Technical Protection Group
     HR and Administrative Department 
       - Transport Sector 
       - Economical Support Sector 
       - Administrative Office 
       - Dispatcher Office 

     Ust-Luga Department of the North-Western Basin Branch 

     Senior Management 
       - Administrative Staff
     Pilotage Service 
       - Dispatcher Office 
     Ust-Luga Port VTS 
     Ust-Luga VTS Operating Group 
     Capital Construction and Repairs Group 
     Technical Support Group 
     Fairways and Environments Department 
       - Surveyor Group
     Senior Power Engineer Department 
     Transport Support Group 
     Communication and Electric Radio-Navigation Department 
     Road-And-Rail Ferry Complex Operation Service 
       - Railroad Department 
       - Track Facilities Maintenance Group 
       - Technical Operation Department 
       - Linkspan Operation Group 
       - Maintenance Group
     Treatment Facilities
       - Bilge-Water Removing Ship
       - Complex Treatment Station