North-Western Basin Branch News

The North-Western Basin Branch releases juvenile whitefish into the Curonian Lagoon of the Baltic Sea

As part of the environmental protection measures taken by the Kaliningrad Directorate of the FSUE "Rosmorport" North-Western Basin Branch to compensate for damage to aquatic biological resources and their habitat caused in 2017 during repair dredging works in the water area of the seaport of Kaliningrad, almost 143 thousand samples of young Baltic whitefish were released into the Curonian Lagoon of the Baltic Sea in the presence of representatives of state control and supervisory authorities on August 12-13, 2022.

Juvenile whitefish with an average weight of 1.9 g was grown and released into the water body by Order of the Kaliningrad Directorate by a specialized fish farm.

The expenses of the Kaliningrad Directorate for the implementation of the compensation measure amounted to 10 million rubles. Next year, the Kaliningrad Directorate plans to spend similar means for artificial reproduction and release of juvenile Baltic whitefish as part of compensatory measures.

This is the second release of juveniles this year for the North-Western Basin Branch. In May, the branch organized the release of young Atlantic salmon into the Bolshaya Neva River. In October, the branch plans to organize the final third release of almost 12 thousand samples of juvenile trout to Lake Ladoga in accordance with the annual compensatory measures plan.