North-Western Basin Branch News

Kaliningrad VTS successfully passes re-examination

According to the results of the re-examination conducted by Rosmorrechflot, the Kaliningrad Directorate of the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch received a Certificate No. VTS-3/1-3266-2022 dated 08/07/2022 on the compliance of the Kaliningrad Vessel Traffic System (VTS) with the requirements of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Order No. 226 dated 23/07/2015, established for the VTS of the highest category.

In 2012 and 2017, the Kaliningrad VTS also successfully passed examinations, as a result of which the enterprise was issued appropriate certificates of compliance with the current requirements for the operation of such equipment.

The structure of the Kaliningrad VTS includes: the VTS Center (Baltiysk) and 4 automated radio technical posts.

With the use of the VTS, the Kaliningrad Directorate of the North-Western Basin Branch provides vessels with comprehensive navigation services around the clock and carries out:
- detection of vessels on approaches to the VTS zones of operation, establishing communication with them, obtaining data about the vessel;
- transfer of navigation, operational and other information to vessels at the initiative of the Kaliningrad VTS operators or at the request of the vessel;
- assistance in navigation;
- organization and regulation of the movement of vessels in the zone of operation of the Kaliningrad VTS;
- control over the movement of vessels and the position of vessels at anchorages and outboard berthing facilities.

Every year, the operators of the Kaliningrad VTS provide control over the movement of more than 22 thousand vessels located in its area of operation.

For more information about the conditions and procedure for providing navigation services by the North-Western Basin Branch using the Kaliningrad VTS, see “VTS Services of the North-Western Basin Branch”.