North-Western Basin Branch News

Crew of the boat of the North-Western Basin Branch Kaliningrad Department helps a vessel at sea

The crew of the Kapitan Belyaev boat which belongs to the Kaliningrad Department of the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch, being under the control of the boat's captain Aleksander Terekhin, provided help for the crew of the Horizont sailing yacht (flag of Sweden) in distress.

On the night of July 16, 2022, the VTS Kaliningrad received information that the yacht Horizont, following from Sweden to the seaport of Kaliningrad in storm, had the mast broken, the yacht’s sail was torn, and the ship engine stopped working. The captain of the yacht requested assistance in calling at the seaport.

Aleksey Savenkov, the operator of the VTS Kaliningrad, detected a radar target identified as the Horizont on the monitor screen. The uncontrolled yacht drifted to the shore north of the entrance breakwaters of the seaport of Kaliningrad near Baltiysk.

The operator of the VTS Kaliningrad sent the received information to the Kaliningrad Marine Rescue and Coordination Center and the inspection of the state port control of the FSBI “Administration of Seaports of the Baltic Sea” branch in the seaport of Kaliningrad, as well as to the coast guard of the Russian Federal Security Service Border Department in the Kaliningrad Region.

The Kapitan Belyaev boat promptly set off to assist the yacht. The crew of the boat approached the Horizont and safely towed the vessel to berth No. 81 of the Baltic cargo district of the seaport of Kaliningrad.