North-Western Basin Branch News

Construction of the sea passenger terminal of the seaport of Kaliningrad near the town of Pionersky continues

During the construction of the international sea terminal for cruise and cargo-passenger vessels of the seaport of Kaliningrad in the area of Pionersky, another stage of dredging was completed.

At the site of work in the water area of the terminal under construction on an area of 304.3 thousand square meters, using its own dredging fleet and dredging vessels of contracting organizations, the bottom marks were brought from -7 to -10.7 meters. Hydrographic support for dredging was provided by the measuring crew of the Kaliningrad Department of the FSUE "Rosmorport" North-Western basin branch.

The total volume of excavated bottom soil amounted to 436.9 thousand cubic meters.

Dredging operations in the water area of the terminal under construction were conducted in accordance with the design documentation, which received a positive conclusion of the state environmental impact assessment, approved by Rosprirodnadzor order of 24.12.2021 No. 578-O, and a positive conclusion of the state expert review of 27.01.2022 No. 39-1-1-3-003971-2022, approved by FAI "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia".

Disposal of the dredged soil was carried out at the underwater marine dumping site No. 311, located in 5 km from the dredging site, on the basis of the permit of Rosprirodnadzor of 03.09.2021 No. SZh-08-03-GU/7572.

As a result of the performed dredging work it was possible to remove restrictions on the entry of vessels with a draft of more than 3.4 meters in the water area of the Pionersky sea terminal inner harbor, which had been in effect for many years.

Temporary floating warning signs were installed along the boundaries of the sea terminal water area formed as a result of dredging operations by the Kaliningrad Department of the North-Western basin branch.

The captain of the Kaliningrad seaport issued an order dated 12.04.2022 No. 15-r, in accordance with which it is allowed to enter the inner harbor of the sea terminal for vessels with a draft of up to 5.7 meters, which corresponds to the estimated vessels that can moor at the ship repair pier, production pier and the Eastern bulwark of the Pionersky sea terminal, as well as at new piers for port fleet and shore protection, created during the implementation of the project for the construction of an international sea terminal for receiving cruise and cargo-passenger vessels.

The construction readiness of the new hydraulic structures is:
- shore reinforcement inside the harbor - 89.5%;
- pier for port vessels - 94%.

The reconstruction of the Eastern bulwark was completed in full in October 2018.

As of today, the water area of the sea terminal under construction is more than 63.3% complete. The total volume of dredging operations performed since the start of the construction amounted to 886 thousand cubic meters of excavated bottom soil. Part of the soil developed during dredging was used to form artificial land plots, which will help to expand the territory of the sea terminal by more than 5 ha. The formation of artificial land plot No. 1 with an area of 3.53 ha is fully completed, and the artificial land plot No. 2 is formed on 14%.

In the period of 2022-2023, it is planned to carry out further dredging works to achieve the design water level of the sea terminal from -10.9 to -11.2 meters. It is necessary to perform dredging in the amount of more than 515 thousand cubic meters. Most of the withdrawn soil will be used to form an artificial land plot No. 2, as well as in the construction of hydraulic structures.