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FAI Glavgosexpertiza of Russia issued positive conclusion on the reconstruction project of Kaliningrad VTS

FAI Glavgosexpertiza of Russia approved a positive conclusion of the State Expert Review No. 39-1-1-3-050881-2020 of 12.10.2020 for the design documentation and the results of engineering surveys, as well as the reliability of the estimated cost of the project for the reconstruction of the vessel traffic management system Kaliningrad.

The project of Kaliningrad VTS reconstruction provides for the construction of an automated radio engineering station AWOU-5 in the area of Cape Gvardeysky, Zelenograd District, Kaliningrad Region.

The designed AWOU-5 will be a metal tower 61 meters high. The tower provides for the placement of VTS equipment, including coastal radar, AIS base station, automatic meteorological stations, navigation TV surveillance cameras, as well as lighthouse equipment.

Implementation of the project to reconstruct the Kaliningrad VTS will enable radar monitoring of ships traveling to the sea terminal to receive, store and regasify liquefied natural gas and to the sea passenger terminal under construction near the Pionersky town of the seaport of Kaliningrad, which will improve navigation safety in the coverage area of the new AWOU-5.