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North-Western Basin Branch Fleet Replenishment

In December 2019 subject to Resolution No 78-314-р of December 04, 2019 issued by Russia’s Federal Agency for Property Management Territorial Division in St Petersburg and Leningrad Region the Taifun-1000K airboat has been assigned to the enterprise on the basis of the right of economic management and transferred to the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-Western Basin Branch pursuant to FSUE “Rosmorport” Order No 500 of December 11, 2019.

The airboat has become the 14th vessel of navigational support that the North-Western Basin Branch possesses of and the 62nd vessel of the branch’s fleet.

The Taifun-1000K airboat is a universal vehicle and its outstanding feature is the boat’s capability to operate during the offseason – for the period of ice floe and ice cover.

The boat has a good maneuverability that allows it to move through the water as an ordinary boat, over ice and the virgin snow as motor sleighs.

The boat is designed for transporting people and cargoes all year round for official use. It can be used as a cross-country vehicle and capable of overpassing ice belts over deep snow, ice, ice brush (light ice), as well as through the water, the shallow water, coastal areas of seas during the offseason. For the period of ice floe, the airboat is capable of moving when the ice broke up, and it can surmount water-logged areas over flow of the river and overpass strands during the drought, successfully come ashore and move on the grass, the reed and the sludge.

An electric winch with tractive power of 1.5 tons and an autonomous air heating unit designed for heating a cabin have been installed on the vessel.

The North-Western Basin Branch is planning to use the boat in the seaport of Big Port St Petersburg for transporting the personnel to an area for installing aids to navigation in the water area of the seaport for their service.

For reference:

The vessel was built on the VladTechnoMarin Shipyard, LLC (Vladivostok, Russia) in 2017.

Key particulars of the airboat:

Navigation Area Difficulty Category:

Total length:
6.3 m
Total breadth: 2.25 m
Hull height: 0,42 m minimum  
Endurance: 24 hours (by fuel
Wave height:
0,6 m
Rate of saliling:

by water – up to 60 km/h
by snow – up to 80 km/h

Capacity of the main engine unit   

257.3 kW
Crew: 1 person
Passenger capacity:
7 people

All-up weight of carried cargoes:

up to 700 kilos