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Amendments in Border of the Russian Federation Checkpoint in Passenger Seaport of Saint-Petersburg

Order of the Russian Government No. 413-r dated 13.03.2015 amended the Russian Federation border checkpoint in Passenger Seaport of Saint-Petersburg form a passenger to a cargo-passenger one.

Such amendments are caused by necessity to increase number of calls to Passenger Seaport of Saint-Petersburg not only during “peak season”, which lasts four or five months and characterized by calls of cruise passenger vessels, but in the rest of the year when marine cargo-passenger vessels will be able to call the seaport too. Handling of such vessels at berths No. 2 and No. 3 will allow to roll road trains and trailers to and from the berths.
For information:

The North-Western Basin Branch provides the following services in Passenger Seaport of Saint-Petersburg:
- VTS services;
- pilotage services;
- icebreaking services;
- Ice advisory services;
- cartographic and geodesic services;
- radio communication services;
- information services.

More information about services provided by the North-Western Basin Branch in Passenger Seaport of Saint-Petersburg and other Russian seaports located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland is available in section «North-Western Basin Branch Services».