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Summer Navigation Opens in the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg Seaport

As the weather conditions considerally improved, the water area of Big Port of Saint-Petersburg Seaport was totally freed from ice and floating aids to navigation for summer were set out by the North-West Basin Branch on the main fairways, the regulations dated 25.04.2013 № 15-kp and dated 06.05.2013 № 20-kp announced the end of the icebreaking period in the water area of Big Port of Saint-Petersburg Seaport and its approaches, and permitted navigation of small-size, cruise and sport sailing ships in the seaport respectively.

This year, due to the repairs of the Dvortsovy bridge, navigation of vessels transiting through the Neva river will be performed through the Malaya Neva river and the Petrovskiy canal of the seaport.

An areal inspection of bottom relief in the water area of Malaya Neva from the Tuchkov bridge to the Petrovskiy canal was conducted to define allowable draught and optimal way for the passing vessels with the aim to provide safe navigation around the Dvortsoviy bridge, which is under repairs. In order to protect the canal from lean-on of vessels turning from Malaya Neva to Petrovskiy canal, a pilot boat set out a special buoy in addition to the standard navigation devices.

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For information:
During winter navigation 2012-2013 the North-West Basin Branch icebreakers which provided icebreaking assistance to vessels heading to the Big Port of Saint-Petersburg ,ore than 2 000 vessels carrying more than 21 million tons of cargo were assisted on the way to/from the seaport.