North-Western Basin Branch News

FSUE “Rosmorport” North-West Basin Branch Director at international exhibition “EXPO-2012”

From 27 till 30 June a presentation of the city of Saint Petersburg was performed in the framework of the Russian Federation workshop at the World specialized exhibition “EXPO-2012”, which was held in the town of Yeosu-si (South Korea). The official delegation representing the city consisted of members of the Saint Petersburg Government, and also included the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-West branch Director S.V. Pylin, and representatives of other companies of different industries.

In the framework of the presentation a special emphasis was given to the issue of environmental protection, as Saint Petersburg is the biggest port city in Russia. Reports on implementation of a passenger seaport construction in the raised territory at the Vasilyevsky Island, on construction of protection structures, and on peculiarities of operation of flood protecting structures in Saint Petersburg were presented.

The participants of the presentation discussed a wide range of topics on the development of the city and its port infrastructure. The North-West Basin branch Director conducted a series of meetings with the representatives of Korean shipbuilding companies having experience in ice breakers construction.

The members of the Russian delegation went on an excursion along the exhibition and visited the workshops of other participant countries. All the members pointed out that the Russian workshop commemorated to the topic “Ocean and Man – Path from Past to Future” was one of the best workshops at the exhibition. It showed the achievements of Russian scientists in the field of sea research and environmental protection. The biggest part represented the development of the North Sea Route and the work of Russian ice breakers.

In the framework of excursions the delegation visited the headquarters of Hyundai Motors and a research center Namyang R&D Centre of the Kia company.


In 1854 a Russian frigate Pallada became the first ship of the Russian Empire to reach the Korean shore during an expedition of admiral Efimy Putyatin. Russian sailors for the first time stepped on the Korean island Hamilton (presently named Komundo), which is located halfway between the contemporary port of Yeosu-si, the host place of the EXPO-2012 exhibition, and the Chechzhu Island.