North-Western Basin Branch News

Celebration of the Day of Marine and River Fleet Employees

In the run-up to the professional holiday the FSUE “Rosmorport” North-West Basin Branch employees took part in the festive events commemorated to the Day of Marine and River Fleet Employees.

The North-West Basin Branch management awarded honors certificates and commendations for labor achievements and longstanding scrupulous work to the most distinguished employees of the branch.

The festive events included the ceremony of laying flowers to the monument “To Sailors and Founders of the Russian Fleet”, among the participants of which were the North-West Basin Branch employees, representatives of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, Committee on Transport and Transition Policy of the Saint Petersburg City Government, Sea Council under the Saint Petersburg City Government, FSU “AMP the Great Port of Saint Petersburg”, State Sea Academy under the name of Admiral S.O. Makarov, and Nakhimov Naval Academy, employees of other sea industry organizations, and also veterans of shipbuilding and the young seamen.

The celebrations were finished by a concert organized by the Saint Petersburg City Government in the Big concert hall “Oktyabrsky”.

Награждение работников Северо-Западного бассейнового филиала ФГУП «Росморпорт» Церемония возложения цветов к памятнику «Морякам и создателям флота России» Праздничный концерт Праздничный концерт