Sakhalin Branch News

Information on the seaport of Korsakov in the Register of Seaports of the Russian Federation amended

By the order of Rosmorrechflot No. VS-364-r dated 19.08.2021 the information on the seaport of Korsakov in the register of seaports of the Russian Federation was amended.

The adjustments are related to clarifying the length of the quay wall of six berths of stages 1 and 2, located in the southern bucket of the Korsakov seaport, which were previously operated by the Korsakov fish processing plant. The berths are currently being used by a new operator of the marine terminals for the purpose of integrated servicing of vessels.

The total length of the quay wall of the Korsakov seaport berths, taking into account the changes made, is increased by 110.5 m and is more than 3.3 km.

The order of Rosmorrechflot also clarifies the names and locations of certain operators of marine terminals operating in the Korsakov seaport.

For reference:

The FSUE "Rosmorport" Sakhalin branch in the Korsakov seaport has 22 berths, which is 73.3% of their total number in the seaport. The length of the quay wall of the branch’s berths exceeds 2.4 km, which is 70.9% of the total length of the quay wall in the Korsakov seaport.

Of the total number of the branch’s berths, 12 berths are duly leased to marine terminal operators, 8 berths are used by the branch for its own needs and 2 berths are offered for lease to all interested organizations.