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The pilot of the Sakhalin branch successfully pilotages the new cargo and passenger vessel – the Admiral Nevelskoy to the seaport of Korsakov

The pilot of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Sakhalin Branch Viktor Denisov professionally pilotaged the new cargo and passenger vessel – the Admiral Nevelskoy to the seaport of Korsakov.

The Admiral Nevelskoy is the lead vessel in a series of two vessels of the PV22 project.

The vessel can carry up to 146 passengers, general cargo, containers, including refrigerator containers, as well as cars.

The vessel is equipped with its own cranes in order to carry out loading and unloading operations on unequipped berths. The vessel has all necessary conditions to transport passengers with disabilities.

The vessel will operate on a line connecting the seaport of Korsakov and maritime terminals Yuzhno-Kurilsk, Malokurilsk and Kurilsk of the seaport of Nevelsk, located on the islands of Kunashir, Shikotan and Iturup.

For reference:

The cargo and passenger vessel of the PV22 project was built in 2020 at the Nevsky Shipyard (Shlisselburg, Russia). The vessel was named after Gennady Ivanovich Nevelskoy, the Russian navigator, explorer of the Far East and Sakhalin, admiral of the Russian fleet.

Type of vessel:
KM Arc4 I AUT1-ICS CONT (deck, cargo hold) DG (pack) Passenger ship
Maximum length:
75 meters
Overall width:
15.50 meters
Hull height:
6.7 meters
Gross register tonnage:
Main engine power:
2x1800 kW
Volume of the cargo hold: 
895 m3

24 containers, including 8 refrigerator containers, 6 cars

Crane cargo capacity:  
30.5 tons
Passenger capacity: 146 passengers
14 knots
22 people