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Boundaries of the Nevelsk seaport changed

By the order of the Government of Russia dated July 18, 2020, No. 1864-r, the boundaries of the seaport of Nevelsk were changed.

Adjustments are related to changes in the boundaries of land plot No. 4 of the Nevelsk seaport, within which the Nevelsk sea terminal is located (Nevelsky Bay, Sakhalin Island), in order to include warehouse facilities in the boundaries of the seaport.

In addition, the Government of Russia has changed the boundaries of section No. 5 (Yuzhno-Kurilsk sea terminal) of the seaport water area in order to ensure safe entry and berthing of large vessels.

For reference:

The FSUE "Rosmorport" Sakhalin Branch in the seaport of Nevelsk provides pilotage services. For more details on the terms and procedure for providing pilotage services in the seaport of Nevelsk, please see the section "Pilotage services of the Sakhalin Branch".