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Sakhalin Branch Fleet Replenishment

The FSUE “Rosmorport” Sakhalin Branch Fleet has been replenished by a new mark boat, the Alaid of Nautilus-800 Project.

The vessel has been designed and built by LLC “Specialnye Katera” (“Special Boats”) (Vsevolozhsk, the Leningrad region). The boat has been delivered to the seaport of Korsakov, the Sakhalin region, from St. Petersburg by the manufacturer’s motor transport. The part of the route from the mainland to reach Sakhalin Island has been passed through the Tatar Strait by the Vanino-Kholmsk ferry service aboard the Sakhalin-8 cargo passenger ferry.

The Alaid mark boat has become the first navigational support vessel among the vessels of the Sakhalin Branch and the 7th vessel of the Branch’s Fleet.

The boat is a monohull, single-screw ship with a single-height deckhouse in the mid-part of the vessel and the rear machinery arrangement. The construction of the ship envisions a truck in the hull of the ship where an echosounder is located. This will help carry out assembly / disassembly of this sounding equipment when starting other operations and exclude its damage in the process of mooring. The boat has good maneuverability; it is stable in a seaway of 1 meter. The boat is steered at a speed from 3 knots to 30 knots.

An automated water complex based on the Reson Seabat T-20 multi-beam echosounder has been installed aboard the Alaid boat. It makes it possible to survey the bottom configuration by means of area examination. When using 512 beams the scanning breadth reaches 140 degrees which allows excluding the possibility of missing alarm conditions. Carrying out water operations the RTK-regime will help to determine the exact location up to the point of 10 cm. The swell compensator will allow for carrying out works on the Alaid boat amidst the bad weather conditions.

With the use of the Alaid boat, the Sakhalin Branch carriesout works on depth sounding in the water areas of the seaports of Korsakov, Kholmsk, Nevelsk, Shartersk, Poronaisk, Moskalvo, Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky, Vanino, Sovetskaya Gavan.

For reference

The multi-purpose boat of Nautilus-800 Project key particulars

Navigation Area  KCI 
Total length when the balloon

is blown up

8.5 m
Total breadth when the balloon

is blown up

3.1 m
Total height (without a radar arch)  2.55 m
Draft without the corner column 0.54
Capacity of the main propulsion system  235
Maximum speed  30 knots 
Weight of transported cargo up to 1
Crew two people
Passenger capacity  10 people