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Sakhalin Branch Takes Part in Exercise

The Sakhalin Branch took part in the exercise conducted by the marine rescue coordination sub-centre “Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk” of the Federal Budgetary Unitary Institution “Rescue coordination center of Rosmorrechflot” for the training in search and rescue of people in distress at sea, rescue of a drowning ship and participation in liquidation of oil spill at sea.

From the branch the exercise was attended by the VTS operators of Aniva Bay and the Dobrynya tugboat, which was used as a training emergency vessel .

According to the exercise script Dobrynya tugboat acted as a vessel in distress, which in a collision with an unidentified underwater object had been holed, with its fuel tanks damaged, subsequent fire and two crew members falling overboard.

In the course of the training exercise, the crew of the Dobrynya tugboat took the necessary steps to seal holes and extinguish the fire. Search, rescue and rendering first aid to those fallen overboard was carried out by the crews of the vessels participating in the exercise: Atlas of the Sakhalin Branch of the FBI “Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot” and Whaleboat-075 of the Border Department of the FSS of Russia in the Sakhalin region.

The VTS operators of Aniva Bay, in turn, liaised with the focal point of the exercise, provided the flow of information and interaction with other vessels involved in the exercise and solved the problems of ensuring navigational safety in the area of the exercise.

According to the results of the exercise, the crew of the tugboat and the VTS operators of the Aniva Bay were rated as exemplary by the leaders of the exercise.