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Floating Buoys Installation in the Seaport of Korsakov

The Sakhalin Branch installed buoys No. 2210 “Western Lighted Buoy” and No. 2265 “Northern Boot Basin Mid-channel Lighted Buoy” in the seaport Korsakov water area in accordance with the 2010 edition of “Lights and Signs of the Pacific Coast of Russia”, published by the Department of Navigation and Oceanography of the Russian Defense Ministry. Besides, at the request of the captain of the seaport of Korsakov, the Branch installed “Southern Lighted Buoy”, enclosing the bank at the approach of vessels to the inner harbor of the seaport of Korsakov.

The installation of these buoys in the seaport water areas was carried out by the workers of the Sakhalin Branch Navigation and Hydrographic Support service with the use of Dobrynya berthing tug.

Buoy No. 2210 “Western Lighted Buoy”, installed by the Sakhalin Branch, is intended for enclosing the navigational hazard located near the extremity of the northern pier of the seaport central boot basin; buoy No. 2265 “Northern Boot Basin Mid-Channel Lighted Buoy”, in turn, is intended for indication of the mid-channel line at the entrance to the northern boot basin of the seaport of Korsakov.

Buoy “Southern Light Buoy”, enclosing the bank at the approach to the inner harbor of the seaport of Korsakov, will operate all year round.

Sailors will get the information on installation of this lighted buoy through announcement of the corresponding information via coastal warnings issued by the Hydrographic Service of the Pacific Fleet.

For reference:
Currently, the Sakhalin Branch provides navigational and hydrographic support of navigation in the seaports of Aleksandrovsk, Korsakov, Moskalvo, Nevelsk, Kholmsk and Shakhtersk. 27 staff units of floating buoys intended for ensuring safe navigation of vessels calling at these ports are under the economic management of the branch.