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Sakhalin Branch Carries Out a Unique Operation on Entry Sign Installation in the Seaport of Kholmsk

On July 16, 2015 the Sakhalin Branch carried out a complex operation on installation of entry signs at the extremities of pierheads of the Northern harbor of the seaport of Kholmsk, which was performed with use of EMERCOM of Russia's MI-8 helicopter.

The helicopter is used for delivery and installation of these facilities due to technical impossibility of using marine vessels for implementation of the relevant installation works in connection with insecurity of the access to the extremities of the protective constructions.

The “Kolonna”-type entry signs, installed on the right (green) and left (red) sides at the extremities of pierheads of the seaport of Kholmsk Northern harbor, increased the navigation safety level in this section both in daytime and nighttime.