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The Sakhalin Branch Reconstructs the Aniva Bay VTS Centre Premises

In the period of April to August of 2015, the Sakhalin Branch carried out reconstruction of the Aniva Bay VTS centre premises. As the result of the works, the area of the operator centre was increased, which allowed to organize a working place for a watch engineer responsible for steady operation of VTS technological equipment and software. In the longer term, in connection with the Aniva Bay VTS development plan and expansion of the system coverage area, increasing of the VTS centre operator room area will allow to fit an additional working place for a VTS operator.

Implementation of the reconstruction project of the Aniva Bay VTS centre premises targets to increase the system operation efficiency. Improvement in response time of VTS technical specialists to possible failures of equipment operation positively affects the Aniva Bay VTS ability to provide services to sailors.

The acting Aniva Bay VTS meets all the actual requirements to a VTS of the 1st category and operates in order to increase navigation safety level, navigation efficiency, safety of life at sea, sea and coast environment protection.

The Aniva Bay VTS includes:
  • Aniva Bay VTS centre;
  • Korsakovsky Automated radio post on the Tomari-Aniva cape near the Korsakovsky beacon;
  • Portovy automated radio technical post;
  • Korsakov TV automated radio post.

In 2014 over 16,4 thousand vessels were located in Aniva Bay VTS coverage area. Aniva Bay VTS renders the following services to the vessels in its coverage area:

information services;
- vessel traffic management services;
- navigation assistance;
- vessel traffic and anchorage control.

More detailed information on procedure of rendering navigational services using Aniva Bay VTS by the Sakhalin Branch is available in the section “Sakhalin Branch VTS services.”