Sakhalin Branch News

Creation of the Repair Base of the Navigation and Hydrographic Support Aids in the Seaport of Korsakov

The Sakhalin Branch implements the project for creation of a base to repair the aids to navigation being under economic management of the Sakhalin Branch in the seaport of Korsakov .

The decision to create the base is related to the fact that the Sakhalin Branch operates a considerable number of shore-based and floating aids to navigation in implementation of statutory activities related to navigation safety in the seaports of Sakhalin and on the approaches to them.

Currently, 33 aids to navigation in 6 seaports are in the books of the Sakhalin Branch. Besides, by the end of the year it is planned to transfer additional 36 navigational aids to the branch from the operational control of military units of the Russian Defense Ministry.

In order to maintain proper technical condition of the navigational aids, as well as  perform current and scheduled repairs of the relevant equipment, the Sakhalin Branch has made a decision to purchase welding and electromechanical shops.

After repairing the new production facilities of the branch and equipping them with the necessary specialized equipment, the Sakhalin Branch will be able to repair all of its aids to navigation much faster and better.

The project for creation of the branch's own repair base, which is to be completed by mid-2017, will ultimately improve the level of navigation safety in the seaports of Sakhalin and on approaches to them.