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Positive Conclusion of State Examination for NAVTEX System Modernization Project in Kholmsk Seaport Approved

On 2 September 2015 Khabarovsk Branch of FAE "Glavgosexpertisa of Russia" approved positive conclusion of state examination No. 192-15/ХГЭ-1827/05 and the results of the engineering survey on NAVTEX system modernization in Kholmsk seaport.

The modernization project is carried out in order to provide sailors in the southern part of the Strait of Tartary with navigational information (navigational warnings, hydrometeorological and ice data, warnings on severe weather conditions, including storm warnings).

Solutions under the projects include total replacement of the equipment, antenna feeder equipment and settlement of a reliable communication channel between control centre and on-shore NAVTEX station, among other things. 

After the solutions are implemented, the safety of navigation in the area of the Russian Federation responsibility in the Strait of Tartary will be increased. 

FAE "Glavgosexpertisa of Russia" is the process of performing examination of the estimates of the modernization. Construction and installation activities at NAVTEX system are planned to be carried out in Kholmsk Seaport in 2016 – 2017.