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Floating Navigation Signs Installed in Korsakov Seaport Waters

The Sakhalin Branch has set floating aids to navigation No. 2210 “South Light Buoy” and No. 2265 “Northern Basin Light Axis Buoy” in the waters of Korsakov Seaport, in accordance with the description “Lights and Signs of the Pacific Ocean Coast of Russia”, 2010 edition, issued by the Department of the Navigation and Oceanography of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Installation of the buoys was performed by the employees of the Sakhalin Branch Navigation and Hydrographic Department with the use of the Vostok tug-turner.

The floating aid to navigation “South Light Buoy” is aimed to fence the navigation danger located near the end of the northern pier in the seaport central basin, while the “Northern Basin Light Axis Buoy” is designed to mark the fairway axis in the entrance to the northern basin of Korsakov Seaport.
For information:
At present the Sakhalin Branch performs navigation and hydrographic provision of shipping in the seaports of Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky, Korsakov, Moskalvo, Nevelsk, Kholmsl and Shakhtersk. The branch manages 28 aids to navigation designed for navigation safety provision.