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Project on Kholmsk Sea Port Entrance Piers Reconstruction Receives Approval of the State Expertise

In order to realize project on Kholmsk Sea Port entrance piers reconstruction, FAE "Glavgosexpertisa" approved project documentation and engineering survey results No. 327-15/ГГЭ-9803/04 dated 11.03.2015 and also accuracy of the state expertise of project estimated costs determination  in accordance with project documentation No. 347-15/ГГЭ-9803/10 dated 13.03.2015 on 11.03.2015 and 13.03.2015.
Earlier the project documentation was approved by experts of a state ecological expertise group, which was established by order No. 709 dated 21.11.2014 of Rosprirodnadzor Department in Far-Eastern federal region.
The project on Kholmsk Sea Port entrance piers reconstruction is being carried out in accordance with federal target program "Development of the Russian transport system (2010 – 2020)" in order to improve Kholmsk Sea Port safety and quality of handling operations in severe hydrometeorological conditions.
The objects of the project are northern and southern piers of the Sea Port with lengths of 263.5 m and 210.2 m correspondingly. The project aims on deinstallation of the present parts of the southern pier structure, installation of supporting blocks, overburden building stone to the core of the building, assembly concrete blocks at slopes and seawall on the upper pier surface. Reconstruction on the Southern pier also includes deinstallation of the present parts of the pier upper construction, assembly of seawall and installation of navigations lights.

Reconstruction has been planned in accordance with opportunity for a design ship type SN-12 and the new promising passenger-and-freight ferry following “Vanino-Kholmsk” ferry line with length of 131 meters, width of 22.6 meters and a loaded draught of 7 meters to enter the Kholmsk Sea Port basin.

The piers reconstruction in the seaport is planned to be started after the general contractor is chosen on condition that required financing is provided.