Sakhalin Branch News

Sakhalin Branch Pilots Start Assisting Vessels in Moskalvo Seaport

From 18 July 2014 the FSUE “Rosmorport” Sakhalin Branch started to provide pilotage services to vessels calling at Moskalvo Seaport.

Before that those services were provided by the Vanino Branch.

The reasons for the transfer of the pilotage provision functions to the Sakhalin Branch were the need to optimize the work of the pilotage services in the Tatar Straits, and the location of Moskalvo Seaport. Implementation of the corresponding administrative measures will help to rule out the incidents of vessel idleness due to waiting for a pilot. From now on a Sakhalin Branch pilot will always be present in Moskalvo Seaport during the navigation period, whereas the Vanino Branch pilots used to be delivered to vessels from the continent.

Two pilots of the Sakhalin Branch have successfully undergone training under the supervision of the most experienced pilots of the Vanino Branch. In accordance with the established procedure the former received pilot’s certificates entitling them to perform pilotages of vessels of all types and sizes in Moskalvo Seaport.

Since mid-July the Sakhalin Branch pilots have conducted pilotage of 12 sea-going vessels, which delivered cargoes to Moskalvo Seaport for the Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-3 shelf projects located at the north-eastern coast of Sakhalin Island.
For more information on the terms and conditions of pilotage services in Moskalvo Seaport please turn to the section “Pilotage services of the Sakhalin Branch”.