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Shakhtersk Seaport Borders Amended

By Government of Russia Regulation dated 3.06.2014 No. 946-r the water area borders of Shakhtersk seaport were amended.
The amendments are caused by the necessity to extend the area of sections No. 1 and No. 3 (Uglegorsk marine terminal) of the seaport waters in order to organize anchorages for the superships with a draft of 12 meters or more.
Besides, the amendment of the section No. 1 borders is also connected with the fact that it has been extended with the area where the compulsory pilotage of vessels is performed. Moreover, the areas of the seaport waters, which are not used for the mooring of vessels anymore because of the shallow depths, have been eliminated from the section.

For information:
Sakhalin Branch in Shakhtersk Seaport water area uses the surface water bodies for the implementation of maritime traffic that does not require signing the water use contracts or the decision to make a surface water body available for use in accordance with the requirements of the Water Code of the Russian Federation.
In Shakhtersk Seaport Sakhalin Branch provides pilotage and towage services.