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Sakhalin Branch Wins Title of the Best Policyholder of 2013 with Staff of 100 to 500 People

The Pension Fund of Russia has summed up the annual all-Russian contest “Best Policyholder of 2013 in Mandatory Pension Insurance”.
For the title of best policyholder of the Sakhalin Region according to the results of the selection between 42 contenders for the final stage of the contest in the Pension Fund of Russia the territorial department of the fund for the Sakhalin Region has sent the documents on the 15 finalists, with the FSUE “Rosmorport” Sakhalin Branch among them.
All the finalists have provided full and timely payment to the budget of the Pension Fund of Russia of the compulsory insurance contributions for insurance and investment parts of the pensions of their employees, on time and without errors have submitted all the documents of the personified record-keeping. They have also registered in the statutory pension insurance system 100% of their employees, who, in turn, have not filed any complaints about violations of pension legislation by the employer.
Following the review of the documents submitted by the territorial bodies of the fund, by the order of the Pension Fund of Russia Board the final results of the contest have been approved.
For the Sakhalin Region in the category “Best Policyholder of 2013 with Staff of 100 to 500 People” the FSUE “Rosmorport” Sakhalin Branch has become one of the winners. In accordance with the terms of the contest the Sakhalin Branch represented by its director, Vyacheslav Vlasenko, has been awarded with the Pension Fund of Russia Certificate.
It should be noted that the Sakhalin Branch in 2011 has already won the title of the best policyholder in the same category. Another award presented to the Sakhalin Branch has become the clear confirmation of the achieved and consistently maintained high level of social responsibility of the branch to its employees, the strict compliance in the normal course of business activities of all the provisions of the labor and pension legislation of the Russian Federation.