Sakhalin Branch News

Luminous Buyos Set in Korsakov Seaport

The Sakhalin Branch has set mid-channel luminous buoy No. 2265 and south luminous buoy No. 2211 in the water area of Korsakov Seaport, in compliance with the 2010 edition of “Lights and Signs of the Pacific coast of Russia”.
The mid-channel luminous buoy is aimed to divide the traffic into two lanes: for vessels going downstream and for vessels going upstream. The orientation principle for the directional buoys is the following: go from one buoy to another leaving them on the left side. The light south buoy is designed to mark a dangerous area with shallow waters in Korsakov Seaport. The buoys were set by the Sakhalin Branch in order to maintain the required level of navigational safety in the Korsakov Seaport water area, taking into account the floating aids to navigation, which had been set earlier.