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Aniva Bay VTS Certification

In July 2013 Rosmorrechflot commission examined Aniva Bay VTS onshore objects in connection with the expiration of the pre-existing cerfificate of Rostransnadzor dated 26.02.2010 and commissioning of the Portovy new automatic radio post in the Aniva Bay VTS.

Portovy automatic radio post was built by the Sakhalin branch to ensure the safe navigation of vessels on approaches and in the water area of the Seaport of Korsakov. With the use of the automatic radio post effective control is organized over shipping situation in the relevant area of navigation, automatic detection, tracking and identification of vessels, issue of the information in the Aniva Bay VTS.

According to the results of the Rosmorrechflot commission work the inspection certificate dated 05.07.2013 was made up and a certificate of compliance of the shore facility dated 15.07.2013 No. VTS-3/1-2778-2013 was issued, which certified that the Aniva Bay VTS meets Resolution IMO A.857 (20), the Regulations on Vessel Traffic Management System approved by the Ministry of Transport of Russia dated 01.08.2013, and the technical and operational requirements No. MF-02-22/848-70 setting requirements for VTS of the first category.

More information about the work of the Aniva Bay VTS and order of provision by the Sakhalin branch of navigation services using the specified VTS could be found in the section "Sakhalin Branch VTS Services".