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Petropavlovsk Branch takes part in drills for rescuing people in distress at sea

The FSUE “Rosmorport” Petropavlovsk Branch took part in the drills in the water area of Avacha Bay on July 18, 2019. The participants in the drills trained operations to rescue people in distress at sea.

In the course of the drills units, resources of rescue services trained actions to search for and rescue people and vessels in distress at sea in rescue areas in the Russia’s zone of responsibility.

The drills involved units of FSBI “Marine Rescue Service”, Russia’s FSB Board Guard Agency for the Eastern Arctic Region, the Federal Government Institution “Kamchatka Regional Rescue Base”, the territorial disaster medicine center, the Main Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry for Kamchatka Territory and Russia’s Navy emergency and rescue detachment.

The Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky marine rescue sub-center of FSBI “The Administration of Seaports of Sakhalin, Kurile Islands and Kamchatka” coordinated the drills. The Tsiklon tugboat of the Petropavlovsk Branch was used as a command and conditional vessel in distress.

According to the drills’ legend a conditional collision of vessels led to a fire aboard the vessel. Some of the crewmembers left the vessel in distress. Some crewmembers fell into the water. The joint actions taken by all services helped extinguish the fire, pull people out of the water and bring rescued people ashore where units of medical services rendered first medical aid and took them to medical institutions of the city.

During the drills, all forces involved in rescue operations showed the cohesion and strict coordination, particularly between crews of search and rescue aircraft and marine vessels.