Petropavlovsk Branch News

Petropavlovsk Branch Statute Amended

By FSUE "Rosmorport" order dated 25.07.2014 No. 307 the Petropavlovsk Branch Statute was amended as the list of the activities permitted to the Petropavlovsk Branch was supplemented by six new activities involving:
     a) activities in the field of usage of the ionizing radiation sources (generators);
     b) organization of repairs, technical and general maintenance and provision of vessels;
     c) participation of the branch in provision of transport security in seaports;
     d) maintenance in proper technical condition, organization of technical support, repairs, reconstruction and new construction of engineering and technical means for provision of transport security in the water areas of the seaports of the Russian Federation;
     e) participation of the branch in creation and maintenance of the marine areas А1, А2, А3, А4 of the Global Marine Distress and Safety System, including the marine areas А3/А4 in the Northern Sea Route water area;
     f) performance of the functions of NAVAREA coordinator in geographical areas NAVAREA XX and XXI.