Enviromental monitoring, tracking of enviromental changes under economic activities of the Branch, compliance with the requirements of the environmental legislation and enviromental monitoring quality standards, production control of environmental activities - are main objectives of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Petropavlovsk Branch in the field of environment protection.
     Environmental activity of the Petropavlovsk Branch is provided on the ground of the approved  annual plan of environment protection activities in accordance with the Russian Federeation environmental legislation.

I. Environmental protection during current economic activities  

     The environmental protection activities conducted by the Petropavlovsk Branch in the sphere of environmental protection during current economic activities are implemented in the following directions:

1. Atmoshperic air protection 

     The Petropavlovsk Branch doesn't have any stationary sources of air pollution. That is the reason why emissions in the atmosphere are insignificant and caused by the motor vehicles and tugbpats exploitation by the Branch. The Petropavlovsk Branch timely and in full pays for negative environmental impact of emitting polluting substances.

2. Water resources protection 

     The Petropavlovsk Branch uses sea water facilities in the Amur basin water areas. According to Russian legislation the Branch made water use contracts dated 18.01.2012 № ТО-К-ДРБВ-Т-2012-00501/00 and № ТО-М-ДРБВ-Т-2012-00502/00  with the Federal Agency of Water Resources on the water areas usage in the area of berths №3 and №5 for economical purposes. 
     According to the terms of use of the water facilities, the Petropavlovsk Branch provides fulfillment of environmental protection plans for the used water facilities. Supervision of water resources and hydrochemical composition of water is conducted on a regular basis.

3. Land plots protection 

     In order to prevent wasting, littering and damaging the soils are conducted at all land plots rented by the Branch, the Petropavlovsk Branch implements regular cleaning of land plots. The waste removal is provided by the specialized licenced organization of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy on contract basis. As to leased objects, monitoring of compliance with leaseholders' contractual obligations on periodic cleaning and garbage and waste removal from leased objects territories is carried out.

4. Waste disposal 

     In order to decrease the negative influence of the Petropavlovsk Branch activities on the environment, the Branch keeps records of volumes of wastes produced by the Branch activities, control after places of their temporary disposition and accumulation and frequency of their disposal. 
     The Petropavlovsk Branch received limits for waste disposal issued by the Rostechnadzor Kamchatskoye Department on 02.11.2009. 
     The wastes produced by the Petropavlovsk Branch are of 3,4 and 5 classes of hazards. Though, several types of waste belong to 1 and 2 hazard class: spent luminescent and mercury lamps and batteries (0.2% ot the total waste volume).
     According to the requirements of environmental legislation of the Russian Federation, the Petropavlovsk Branch made contracts with specialized certified organizations for collection, transportation and disposal of wastes. 3-5 hazard class wastes are removed to waste polygons of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and luminescent lamps and batteries are removed from the Kamchatka Peninsula territory for disposal and processing.

 II. Environmental protection during reconstruction of port infrastructure objects

     In order to improve the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy sea port's berths' aseismic stability, it is planned to realize the "Reconstruction of federal property objects in the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy" project.
     In accordance with the established procedure public hearings were held. No remarks very much to the point were expressed on the developed by Soyuzmorproyekt, LLC project documentation, which also receive the positive resolution of the Rosrybolovstro ecological assessment (letter dated 19.05.2011 № 271Н-В6/102). In order to compensate water biological water resources detriment it is planned to implement reproduction of fries of salmon fish in the fish-breeding factories of the Kamchatka Territory. More than 274 000 chum salmons will be grown and placed in salmon rivers one-timely and almost 13 000 chum salmons are to be placed in rivers on the object's operation period. Total costs of compensation measures will conclude more that 1 mln rubles.
     After all preliminary approvals the project documentation was presented to the State Ecological Assessment Comission, and was approved by the Rosprirodnadzor order dated 15.02.2012 № 56.
     The project is currently being examinated by the State Assessment Comission.

III. FSUE "Rosmorport" Petropavlovsk Branch enviromental protection expenses

     In 2012 the Petropavlovsk Branch's expenses for all the enviroment protection activities (including payments for negative enviromental impact) concluded 113.3 thousand rubles. 

 IV. Enviromental activities prospects 
     The FSUE "Rosmorport" Petropavlovsk Branch intends to to continue active work in the field of environment protection. Main tasks for the nearest future are:
- purchase of modern vessels with strict limits on emissions of polluting substances in atmosphere to replace the outdated tugboat, used by the Branch;
- development and implementation of complex measures on provision of ecological services for vessels callint at the sea port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and to the treatment of the sea port water area;
- development of modern programs and technologies of energy and resourses;
- strengthening of production control of compliance with the requirements for by the Branch and port infrastructure leaseholders.