Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

The fleet of the FSUE "Rosmorport" Azovo-Chernomorsky basin branch was extended with the Sommers dredger

The Sommers dredger was transferred to the Azovo-Chernomorsky basin branch of FSUE "Rosmorport". Previously, the trailing suction hopper dredger was operated by the North-Western basin branch of the enterprise during dredging operations in the seaport of Ust-Luga. The dredger is planned to be used for dredging in the seaports of Kavkaz, Temryuk and Tuapse.

The Sommers dredger is the lead vessel of a series of three vessels of the TSHD 1000 project, built in 2016 by order of FSUE "Rosmorport" at the "Krasnoye Sormovo" shipyard.

The Sommers dredger is equipped with one side sucker with a drag-type hopper with a capacity of 4500 m3 per hour (by water), located on the right side of the dredging pump and designed to excavate soil of 1-3 categories at depths from 4 to 20 meters. In addition, the vessel has a crane with grab gear with a maximum lifting capacity of 12 tons and a grab volume of 3.8 m3, as well as two hydraulic cranes with a lifting capacity of 3 tons. The Sommers is also equipped with a pile installation consisting of 2 spuds up to 13.5 meters long and designed to hold the vessel in position when working with a crane with grab gear.

The volume of the hold compartment of the dredger is 1,000 m3, which allows to transport independently the excavated soil to the place of unloading and unload it through the bottom doors from the hold to the bottom dump or to the shore through the fore connection to the shore discharge pipe. It is also possible to unload from the hold using the "rainbow" method with an ejection distance of about 60 meters.

For more information about the conditions and procedure for providing dredging services in the seaports of Kavkaz, Temryuk and Tuapse, as well as in other seaports of the Black Sea basin, see the section "Dredging services of the Azovo-Chernomorsky basin branch".

For reference:

The Sommers trailing suction hopper dredger is named after a Russian rocky island in the Eastern part of the Gulf of Finland.

Main technical characteristics of ship:

Vessel class: KM(*) Ice1 R1 AUT2 Hopper Dredger
Length: 62 m
Width: 14 m
Water draft max/min: 6,95/4,25
Gross tonnage: 1 663
Soil excavation performance: up to 500-600 m3/hour on soils of the 2 group
The maximum depth of soil sampling: 20 m
Grab crane with lifting capacity: 12 tons
The volume of the clam-shell: 3,8 m3
Hydraulic cranes with lifting capacity:     2 x 3 tons
Capacity of the hopper: 1000 m3
Resources autonomy: 15 days (for water and provision)
Rate of sailing: 10 knots
Crew: 12 people