Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch Expanded

The Trudovaya self-propelled hopper barge with the hold amount of 600 cubic meters expanded the FSUE “Rosmorport” Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch.

The self-propelled hopper barge of HB-600 project was built at the Onego Shipyard (Petrozavodsk, Russia) and it is the head vessel of four vessels, which are built by order of FSUE “Rosmorport”.

The vessel is designed for operating as part of dredging convoys with mechanical or grabbing dredges while carrying out dredging operations for transportation of excavated soil to unloading sites. Soil is unloaded through bottom doors. The main engines are in the stern of the vessel in protection containers, which allow for operatively servicing and replacing aggregate mechanisms. Rudder propellers are on the outside of the hull which allows to examine them and make repairs without docking the barge.

The Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch is planning to use the self-propelled barge together with the Redut multi-bucket dredger to carry out dredging operations in the water area of the seaports of Kavkaz and Temryuk.

Key particulars of the vessel:

Class: КМ  Iсе1 R3-RSN AUT3 Hopper
Total length, m: 56.1
Total breadth, m: 11.2
Hull height, m; 4.0
Freeboard draft, m: 2.92
Hopper capacity on top of coaming, sq. m: 600
Gross capacity in tons: 820
Sailing rate, knots: 8.2
Main engines power, kW: 2х350
Crew, people: 3
Endurance by water and food reserves, days:    5