Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch News

Amendments made to data on the seaport of Taman in the Register of Russian Seaports

Under Rosmorrechflot Resolution No. NZh-441-r of December 11, 2018, the amendments have been made to data on the seaport of Taman in the Register of Russian Seaports.

The corrections are linked to changing key technical performances of the seaport, in particular the increase of the berth wall length in the seaport of Taman. The increase in the berth wall total length by 63.1 meters is conditioned by the end of the reconstruction of Berth No. 6 of the sea terminal for transshipping liquefied hydrocarbon gas, oil and hydrocarbon oils as a result of which the berth length reached 321 meters. This helps handle vessels with 252 meters in length, 44 meters in breadth and 14 meters in load draught for oil and oil products transshipment.

Besides, the capacity of cargo terminals for bulk cargo handling in a seaport has been changed due to the reconstruction of a sea terminal for transshipping bulk food and grain cargoes, as well as a terminal for liquefied hydrocarbon gas, oil and liquid oils, including by increasing a storage of tanks for fat-and-oil raw materials and oil products.

For reference:
The Taman Directorate of the Azovo-Chernomorsky Basin Branch renders the following services in the seaport of Taman:
- navigation services using VTS of the Kerch Strait;
- pilotage services;
- geodesic and hydrographic services.